Are you looking for help?

Seeking support at a difficult time takes courage. For many it is the vital first step on the journey to feeling better.
Strong emotions and negative thoughts can be overwhelming and disruptive to daily life and relationships. 
By exploring feelings and thoughts, you can find solutions to problems, feel more confident making choices and create positive change in your life. 
In my experience, with the support of a professional counsellor you can learn to make peace with yourself and move on in your life.


“I met with Barbro because I realised my marriage was virtually non-existent. She helped me regain my confidence and self-esteem, which in turn provided me with a strong sense of purpose and a determination not to let my relationship of more than 35 years fail. My marriage is now stronger than it has been for many years and I have once again fallen in love with my wife. Without Barbro’s heartfelt approach, professionalism and insight this would not have happened.”
“I can't thank Barbro enough. In such a short space of time she had a massive influence on my life, how I saw things, how I saw myself and how others perceived me. A life changing experience.”
“Barbro helped me work through terrible pain I was feeling as a result of childhood trauma and neglect. Her style is remarkable; she was completely in tune with me. I emerged feeling a sense of peace, freedom and hope for the future. Work with her if you are looking for a counsellor who is truly from the heart and eminently professional.”
“I went to Barbro for about a year, having difficulties in my relationship with my wife. What suited me very well, was the dynamic approach she used and what I would call the “solution oriented” method. After I had talked about an issue, she would often suggest a way to try work on it. For me, being a scientist, a ‘define the problem/propose a way to tackle it’ approach was something I could really connect with.”
Reaching out to Barbro to counsel myself and my partner is the best thing I have ever done for my relationship. Barbro facilitated a warm, kind, open and fun environment in which we could pour our hearts our and move forward. It was absolutely life changing and Barbro is magical.  Thank you Barbro!